Located in our Quebec City and Montreal offices, our Centers of Expertise and Development (CED) enable us to keep our consultants’ knowledge up to date and to deliver the best possible services and solutions to our clients. Additionally, they provide our clients with cutting-edge consulting expertise enabling us to deliver business, digital, business intelligence and all other management and technology solutions. Our seven centers of particular expertise are as follows :

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Architecture and business analysis
  • Development and operation
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence and data management
  • Emerging technologies (cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, 5G, augmented reality)
  • Organizational and digital transformation (which includes change management and training)

These centers of expertise are opportunities for collaboration, exchange, training, and transfer of expertise for all our consultants. The purpose of those is to guarantee that our clients deal with consultants who are always at the forefront of new developments in their field of expertise, since they benefit from a constant updating of their knowledge and are always motivated by their work. Similarly, these centers of expertise allow us to innovate by adopting and creating new methods and ways of doing things in order to be constantly aligned with our clients’ needs for support and development in a changing business environment.