Business IT services and management consulting

Management and IT from A to Z

Management consulting service

Our management consultants will help you establish your business objectives and design a plan for the success of your current and future business. Our expertise is based on concrete experience and a solid pool of data acquired through our many management interventions. We work in tandem with you to define your management strategy and the technology required to achieve your goals.

Computer consulting and IT services

We know that today’s forward-thinking companies are interested in more than just an IT service integrator to achieve their business goals. For this reason, we see ourselves as a true IT services partner, working to optimize your organizational agility using an innovative digital approach.

In practical terms, this partnership translates into personalized, agile support for your IT services and customized IT consulting. We work closely with your organization, as if we were an integral part of your team, to manage an increasingly complex environment of technology, processes, systems, and software.

Our goal with this approach is to allow you to focus on your work. The work that allows you to generate value. Opting for our allocated IT services improves the user experience for your technologies, optimizes your operations, reduces overall costs, and integrates security and data protection across your entire IT environment. It also allows you to accelerate the realization and marketing of your innovative projects.

Management, analysis and valorisation of data

We offer a wide range of infrastructure services to optimize your operations and performance to meet your current business needs and digital transformation goals. The digital evolution of companies now requires being able to see further into the future and to innovate for a long-term business evolution and vision. A solid infrastructure that provides for both current and future opportunities is required.

It must also be highly flexible in order to offer:

  • seamless service and security levels of the highest quality;
  • operational and IT completeness to optimize processes across the organization;
  • an efficient and flexible management structure and governance framework; and
  • full capabilities while maintaining a modern approach to supporting a hybrid virtualized and distributed IT environment.

Business process management services

Our business process management experts are able to work closely with your teams to optimize your company’s end-to-end digital experience. We provide business process management services to enhance your company’s digital capabilities through omnichannel management and optimized functions. Modern business process management requires innovative thinking that integrates intelligent operations combining human capacity with automated execution, artificial intelligence (AI) and even robotics.

Application services

Our recognized expertise in business sectors and their solutions allows us to support you through a complete range of professional applications. We install and manage them for you so that you can achieve concrete, strategic business results. If you have your own applications, we can also assist you in their support and evolution using our expertise in application services development.

Our experts also enjoy partnerships with key players in the IT industry and are able to recommend the best application solutions based on the specific needs of your organization, whether you are looking for solutions for your finances, human resources, operations, supplier tracking, or marketing. We are recognized for our experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (CPM/EPM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM/CXM). If no turnkey solution is suited to your needs, we can adapt an existing one or develop a custom solution tailored to your expectations, constraints, and the short- and long-term development goals of your company.

Using a DevOps approach, we are able to quickly put in place an autonomous multidisciplinary team specialized in the delivery and operation of applications that can also support you in your choice of cloud solutions and IT security management.

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