We work as a consulting partner for clients in various industries :

  • Insurance
  • Retail and consumer services
  • Communications
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Health and social services
  • Banking and capital markets
  • Public services
  • Transportation and logistics


There is an organizational revolution underway. A new integrated digital business approach places operationnal processes and customers at the heart of the services we are prvoiding like never before and we aim to provide customers with greater freedom, improved choices, and increased flexibility. Implementing a new digital approach to business that is fully integrated is a reflection of an organization’s future and this process often entails a sizeable and complex project.

To do this, several projects may be necessary to support the new strategic vision of the organization. Our team of experts can guide you through each of the steps needed to achieve success. We are prepared to support you through each phase of your organizational and digital transformation:

  • Beginning with the initial phase of strategic, enterprise and business architecture;
  • Through the mobilization of groups impacted by change management, training, and risk management;
  • By managing your projects and integrating solutions;
  • Through the development and adjustment of capacities within the organization (process, structure, and competence);
  • Through earnings measurement and continued improvement.


Our team of multidisciplinary experts in management and information technologies is ready to support you in all your business and technological needs. Amongst others, we may help you in the following domains:

Business, corporate and functional analysis

  • Business, enterprise, technology, systems and data architecture
  • Technology and business project management
  • Risk and benefit management
  • Management and realization of tests
  • Infrastructure
  • Systems integration
  • Piloting
  • Project planning and control
  • Programming
  • Business process

And much more! Contact us for a personalized request.


Our consultants’ benefit from our partnerships with key players in the industry of information technologies. This expertise in business solutions allows us to help our clients implement the best solutions according to the specific needs of their organization. Whether it is in finance, human resources, operations, supplier tracking or marketing, our experts are ready to help you accomplish your goals.

We are recognized for our experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Corporate or Organizational Performance Management (CPM/EPM) and Customer Relationship and Customer Experience Management (CRM/CXM).

If no available solution is directly suited to your needs, we can adapt an existing one or develop a tailor-made option based on your expectations and constraints. Our team will be able to rapidly deliver a new solution according to your needs. Our solutions are scalable and quickly adaptable. Using a DevOps approach, we will assign an autonomous multidisciplinary team that is specialized in the delivery and implementation of developed, optimized, and adapted solutions. Our experts in the field will also be able to support you in your approach to cloud computing solutions and development as well as security management.


TRANSITION has solid expertise in data mining and business intelligence to help clients realize the full potential of the digital intelligence generated by their operations. Our experts can help you exploit your business data to optimize your operations and implement digital strategies that produce fast, concrete and profit-generating results.

Companies that want to take the lead in their industry now need to use data science techniques including machine learning, data mining, predictive and location analytics. These allow companies to gain real-time insight into trends they would not otherwise be able to get. Data mining and business intelligence are now inseparable tools for success and are used to support business leaders in making advised business decisions.


Our company has set up diversified centers of expertise and development (CED) in artificial and digital intelligence, augmented reality, and emerging technologies. This means we can provide innovative services to our clients in these fields, and additionally, they enable us to keep our consultants’ knowledge up to date. By the same token, they provide our clients with cutting-edge consulting expertise and enable us to deliver digital, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and emerging technology solutions.

Our expertise in emerging technologies also includes cyber security consulting, hybrid and cloud computing, intelligent automation, advanced analytics, blockchain technology, and 5G.

Over the past few years, our company has also developed solid expertise in innovative augmented reality technology. Adapted to the professional context, augmented reality allows us to optimize the full potential of an organization’s administrative and operational processes. It also gives us the means to push the limits of communications and training within the company.